Bob had a coffee on the go and left. It seemed like he couldn't run away from boredom even in the centre of the busiest city on Earth...

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ocean motion

One finger survival. The character finds himself alone on a raft in the middle of the merciless ocean after his yacht has been destroyed by a meteorite.

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finger dodge

Ultra dynamic arcade game with diverse selection of electronic music and philosophical quotations about time. Keeping your finger on the screen you must dodge your enemies and collect time boosters.

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Redesigned version of Finger Dodge. Gameplay adapts to the rhythm of the player's music collection, UX design is more user-friendly, the graphic style is upgraded, new music content and gameplay features are added.

neuro bit

Atmospheric runner with groovy neurofunk rhythms. Player jumps on platforms, changes the colour in time, unlocks new colour levels and breaks highscores.

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